Live Hip Hop!

Take a journey with us.



Embracing the Hip Hop Culture

  • I grew up in the Inner City of Philadelphia, PA where Hip Hop Music was a way to escape the violence that plagues the streets. Listening to Hip Hop was a way of channeling my inner emotions through the lyrics in the music. Listening to it for so long it created a passion in me to express my views. 


Live Life in Song

  • The street beats of Philly is where I came up with most of the writing and producing content your hear in my songs. Most of the songs I compose deal with the environment I grew up in which could be good or bad at any given time.


Be Inspired By Everything

  • I found inspiration in the Hip Hop Culture  from seeing artists who grew up with the same outlook as me and overcame those circumstances. Many used the platform to provide a better living for themselves, and their families.

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